Top Anime Series That Help Fight Depression And Anxiety

We collected some of our favorite top anime series that tackle depression and anxiety well and those that we love re-watching when we need a good laugh and comforting anime-hug. This list is also a good start if you’re new to the world of anime because we have here some of the most successful and beloved anime series.

Maybe you don’t know this but a great anime show can come pretty handy when the going gets though.

It’s hard not to fell in love and get sucked into the world of anime just after a few episodes. The characters are extremely well built and the best anime series’ creators try to shape their creations personality in a way that their viewers can more easily relate to and learn and grow with them.

It does matter which anime you watch, well, pretty much all the time but especially when you’re feeling down because your choice should be influenced by more than just your taste in anime.

Keep in mind that the thing that worked for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. One thing is for sure. These amazing anime series will give you comfort, some good laughs, and will provoke some thoughts on your situation and how to fix it.

This is an ongoing (3rd season is running now) action, comedy and adventure packed anime show. If you like European Middle Ages, knights, wizards, and all things magical you’re going to fall in love with this show. The main character is Elizabeth a kick-ass princess and you will go on amazing adventures while looking for the Seven Deadly Sins so she can seek justice and take back her kingdom.


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