14 Best Animated Movies For Adults – Lesser-Known Animated Movies

Ghibli studio movies are pretty well-known worldwide. But I couldn’t leave it off my list. Probably every nerdy person who leads a geeky lifestyle is pretty much obsessed with Mr. Miyazaki. I’m no different. Despite the fact that it gained quite and big audience worldwide and their movies are in the news and win international awards and so on…

I still meet plenty of people who heard about these movies but never actually watched one. Now is the best time to change that because this piece of perfection is no doubt one of the best animated movies ever created.

I probably saw this a hundred times and probably will watch it a thousand times more. The story is captivating and wondrous. The animation is breathtaking, the colors are magical and of course, the soundtrack is your next favorite one.

Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favorite directors and animators of all time. His most well-known work is probably Spirited Away. Which is also a gorgeous piece that won a well-deserved Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. Still, Howl’s moving castle just sneaks right in the bottom of your heart and moves in for long term.

After Sophie has a rather unfortunate meeting with the evil Witch of Waste, she befriends the wonderful Wizard Howl, his pupil Marukuru, and Calcifer the fire demon whose powers help Howl’s castle move. They soon bond and try and help each other to break the spells they have to bear.

If you enjoy getting to know other cultures through cinema you should check out list of the Most Best Asian Movies everyone should see. You will find your next favorite.

If you love to read you should check out the book as well from
Diana Jones Wynne 

The Snow Queen is a Russian delight from the 50’s. The animation is lovely and it has the old timey fairy tale feeling from the beginning till the end. Nothing really socially or morally important behind the lines but it’s a true feel-good tale with charming animation.


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